Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shark Tooth Hill Bakersfield Finds

One of our rock club members, Mike, just got back from a paid fieldtrip dig at Sharktooth hill in Bakersfield, California. He and two friends spent six to eight hours digging and the cost was $85 per person per day. One of his friends elected to give most of his finds to the other two, so that what you see here is approximately half of the take home finds for 3 people.

They found a lot! Most of the items found were shark teeth but Mike also brought home one slightly broken fossilized seal tooth, one whale inner ear bone, and one dolphin inner ear bone. Click on pictures for larger view.

At the shop, Mike was in the process of cleaning the dirt from his finds. He had one pile, arrayed here nicely in a circle for viewing, of cleaned fossils and one tray full of uncleaned ones.

Overall, he said he had a great time and he felt the experience of the dig was well worth the money spent. Paid fieldtrip digs to Sharktooth hill are organized through Buena Vista Museum.

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